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LED Lighting Telford

We at JDR Electrical are very experienced with LED Lighting and are focused on providing energy saving solutions, reducing CO2 emissions and saving customers money as much as possible.
LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology is the future of lighting where customers can save up to 85% on the cost of electricity in comparison to using fluorescent, halogen and sodium lighting also using high quality brands of LED Lighting you can expect them to operate in excess of 50,000 hours or 5 years.

We Specialise In The Following LED Lighting Installations
Fluorescent Fitting Lamp Conversions
GU10 & MR16 Downlight Lamps & Fittings
Commercial 600x600 & 1200x600 Flat Panel Lighting
LED Strip Lighting
Security & Floodlight Fittings
Industrial High & Low Bay Lighting

LED Lighting Telford

LED Lighting Benefits

Energy Saving On Electricity Usage
Quality LED Lighting products use at least 75% less energy and last up to 50% longer than traditional incandescent lighting.
LEDs use significantly less energy than traditional lamps, because they create significantly less heat (Traditional incandescent lamps lose up to 90% of their power creating heat which is wasted).
Although the initial costs of purchasing quality LED Lamps are higher than traditional lamps, these costs can be recouped very quickly on the savings they provide on your electricity usage.

Maintenance Costs
Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Retail premises the cost of maintaining and replacing lighting can be very expensive, with quality LED Lighting installed there is no additional maintenance costs for the life of the products.
The average lifespan of quality LED lighting is 50,000 hours of usage compared to 1,000 - 2,000 hours of traditional incandescent and halogen lamps and 4,000 hours for CFL lamps.

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